Congratulations!!! The Caribbean and Central America is the 2016 Region of the Year!!! If you are receiving this email, you are part of this accomplishment. I’m not just saying this; we would be nothing without our Members. Make this accomplishment your own, and feel proud about it.
How can you leverage this important recognition?
Include the above picture (download the high res picture here) in all your presentations (sales, listing, recruiting). Tell people that you belong to the Number 1 Region in the world. This is a strong reason to charge full commissions, get exclusive listing agreements, get bigger and better listings, more qualified buyers, attract more and better Agents.
How were we chosen?
In our category, we competed against 120 Regions around the world. Denver Headquarters ranks these regions in 7 different categories, and we were in the top 20% in all 7 categories. They appreciate our consistency and balance. As John Turley says, “Ordinary things, consistently done, yield extraordinary results.”
Our proclamation “The best damn Region in the world” became a self-fulfilling prophecy: We all believed it, and it became true!
We couldn’t be more grateful to each of you, THANK YOU!!!!!